Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Restaurant & kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services

All commercial kitchens run the risk of facing extremely damaging fires. The proper cleaning and maintenance of your kitchen exhaust hood is imperative to reduce the risk of fire and avert catastrophic property damage. Pye-Barker is a IKECA Certified Kitchen Hood Cleaning Service provider and will gladly help you clean your kitchen exhaust hood.

Fire marshals and insurance companies require periodic exhaust hood cleaning. Some businesses, such as churches, can clean their hoods once a year, but depending on your kitchen equipment and your business, cleanings may need to occur as frequently as every 30 days. If you’re unsure about whether your kitchen exhaust hood is being maintained properly or not, give us a call at 800-927-8610 to schedule a free inspection. You can also learn more about this service in our “Services FAQ” article on this topic, found here.

Visit our restaurant fire suppression systems page for more information or schedule your kitchen exhaust hood cleaning by speaking with your Pye-Barker specialist today.

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