Fire Training

Live, on-site fire training.

Do you and your office personnel know how to react in the event of a building fire or emergency? Do your employees understand how to use a fire extinguisher, what type to use and where to stand while attempting to suppress a fire? Do your employees know the chain reaction that occurs when they operate a fire alarm pull station and the importance this action has upon saving property and life?

As a building owner you are responsible for ensuring your employees can safely exit the facility during an emergency. Educating your employees to properly identify their main path of egress and what steps to take in a crisis, can dramatically reduce the chance of a catastrophe.

Pye-Barker provides live, on-site fire training consisting of both classroom discussion and hands-on fire training. Upon completion of our course, your employees will understand exactly what steps to take during an emergency, how to properly identify and use a fire extinguisher, how to identify their best path of exit from the facility and the importance of the fire alarm pull station located at all main exits.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Allow us to protect your most valuable asset, your employees. Call 800-927-8610 to speak with Pye-Barker or complete the form to request more information.

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