Fire Extinguisher Inspection & Recharge

Commercial fire extinguisher inspection and recharging services

Pye-Barker is a member of the National Fire Protection Association, which sets the standards for the care and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. Of course, we follow these principles as well as all updated fire codes. Here are some of the criteria we adhere to:

  • Proper extinguisher for hazard. Depending on which type of fire your business is at risk for, you may need a certain type of fire extinguisher. While a Tampa Bay Fire Equipment installation ensures you will get the correct type of extinguisher for your situation, our inspections can review others’ work and ensure it is up to code.
  • Up to date 6 year and 12 year maintenance. Every six years, a fire extinguisher has to be broken down and checked for damage. This allows us to replace any parts that wear out over the years. At twelve years, the extinguisher not only needs to be broken down and checked for damaged, hydrostatically tested to test the integrity of cylinder and refilled with the proper extinguishing substances, powder or gas.
  • Properly mounted height and bracket. This places your extinguisher in a secure and easy to reach location during a crisis.
  • Unobstructed discharge hose. An obstructed discharge hose can lead to significant issues when trying to operate the extinguisher.
  • Proper agent weight and pressure. You want the fire-snuffing chemicals in your extinguisher to be at the proper amount and pressure; otherwise you could be facing a tiny trickle when you need a steady stream.
  • Proper distribution of extinguishers. How many do you have? Are they in places that would be at risk for a small fire?
  • Safety seals and tamper indicators in place. If any safety seals are compromised, you may need to replace your extinguisher. Better to find out now during an inspection than during a fire when you need error-free performance.
Tampa Bay Fire Equipment keeps your fire extinguishers serviced and maintained so they will perform perfectly when you need them. In an inspection, our experts perform routine checks, testing, and maintenance. All of our technicians are trained, tested, and licensed permitted by the State of Florida to service and recharge portable fire extinguishers. Call Pye-Barker Fire & Safety today to schedule your fire extinguisher inspection!
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