Amerex Fire Extinguishers

Your certified Amerex fire extinguisher distributor.

Pye-Barker is an authorized Amerex fire extinguisher distributor. We provide direct sales, annual inspection and service for all types and sizes of Amerex dry chemical, CO2, class K, and water fire extinguishers. If you’re not sure what type of extinguishers your business needs, we’ll send one of our specialists to your location to identify the extinguisher types, sizes and quantities needed to ensure your company and people are protected. View the most popular Amerex fire extinguishers below.

Amerex 20lb Fire ExtinguisherAmerex A411 – 20 lb.
ABC Fire Extinguisher
Amerex B456 Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B456 – 10 lb.
ABC Fire Extinguisher
Amerex B500 Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B500 – 5 lb.
ABC Fire Extinguisher
Amerex CO2 Fire ExtinguisherAmerex Model 322 – 5 lb.
CO2 Fire Extinguisher
Amerex B402 Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B402 – 5 lb.
3A:40B:C Fire Extinguisher
Amerex Water Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B240 – 2.5 Gal.
Water Fire Extinguisher
Amerex B260 Class K Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B260 – 6 Liter
Class K Fire Extinguisher
Amerex B417T Fire ExtinguisherAmerex B417T – 2.5 lb.
ABC Fire Extinguisher with
Vehicle Bracket
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