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Over 2 million home burglaries are reported every year. Studies show that burglaries are less likely to occur when intruders see your home is protected by a burglar alarm system. These are statistics you shouldn’t ignore. By proactively purchasing a burglar alarm system for your property, you are helping to protect your family’s safety. To learn more about our home burglar alarms and home protection services, talk with your Pye-Barker representative today. Sometimes your property is too large not to utilize a more extensive security system. This is when CCTVs are to be considered. CCTV, also referred to as Closed Circuit Television, is a video surveillance system that depends heavily on strategically placed cameras on your property. The live footage is not publicly distributed but can be privately monitored. Malls, business parks, or other large properties often utilize this CCTV surveillance services. However, CCTV is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners and small businesses as well. Let Pye-Barker design and install a CCTV system that best fits your needs. Inspection and repair services are also available. To learn how to make your home or business safer with CCTV, chat with your Pye-Barker professional today.
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