FPW 2018: Look. Listen. Learn.

“Look. Listen. Learn.” is the theme for this year’s Fire Prevention Week, with the tagline “Be aware. Fire can happen anywhere.”  The National Fire Prevention Association’s (NFPA) goal is to encourage people to take fire safety seriously, and to help them stop assuming that fire-related emergencies are rare, and therefore unimportant.  Each part of the theme addresses a different area of Continue reading “FPW 2018: Look. Listen. Learn.”

NPM: Save for an Emergency

The last theme for this year’s National Preparedness Month is “Save for an Emergency”.  Though proper insurance can be a great financial help during a disaster, having money set aside for emergencies is one of the best ways to guarantee financial security in the midst of a crisis.  When saving for any kind of emergency, including a fire-related emergency, the following tips Continue reading “NPM: Save for an Emergency”

NPM: Learn Life Saving Skills

The theme for the second week of National Preparedness Month was “Learn Life Saving Skills”. When it comes to fire safety, there are several habits you can learn to implement that will dramatically decrease your risk of fire-related emergencies. Once learned, these practices can certainly become life-saving actions by preventing greater fires from happening every time Continue reading “NPM: Learn Life Saving Skills”

NPM: Check Your Coverage

For Week Three of National Preparedness Month, the topic is “Check Your Coverage”.  When it comes to any emergency, including fire-related emergencies, insurance can be a huge help when restoring your home or business after disaster.  There are certain things to consider when choosing your insurance, and guidelines that must be followed in order to retain proper coverage and receive help when needed. Continue reading “NPM: Check Your Coverage”

Pye-Barker Expands into Texas!

Pye-Barker is proud to announce that, with the recent acquisition of A-1 Fire and Safety Equipment Co., we are now protecting property and life in the great state of Texas.  Our expansion into Texas is just beginning, with two new branches being established in Waco and Bryan, and more coming in the near future.  This is a very exciting step for our company, and a huge milestone as we Continue reading “Pye-Barker Expands into Texas!”