Branch Feature: Greensboro, NC

This Branch Feature highlights the rapidly growing Greensboro, North Carolina office.  The location was founded in 2004 as Stowe Services, Inc., and was acquired by PBFS in March 2008.  Since then, this branch has expanded by being community-oriented, reaching out to the surrounding area to offer the best in a variety of fire protection services.  They focus on building relationships with existing customers as well as cultivating relationships with new customers to take care of their Continue reading “Branch Feature: Greensboro, NC”

PBFS Acquires FirePro in Charlotte, NC

FirePro was started in 2003 by Dale Fink and Robert Johnson.  Their experience in the industry, along with their strong customer relationships, allowed FirePro to grow rapidly. At the time of acquisition, FirePro had employed over 40 people, while servicing the Carolinas, Virginia, and Tennessee. FirePro specialized in fire suppression, fire extinguishers, emergency/exit lights, and hood cleaning services. This will provide a tremendous Continue reading “PBFS Acquires FirePro in Charlotte, NC”