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Building a company is hard work. Your family and your employees count on you to take care of them. You need an exit strategy that honors your legacy.

You put in the hours, fostered the relationships, and recruited the employees to create a thriving business your community trusts and your team is proud to represent. Now you have a difficult decision to make: your career is ready for its next step, either into retirement or onto a new endeavor. You need a strategy that will honor the company you built. We would like to ease that decision.

Unlike other exit strategies that want to change what you’ve built or replace you and your team, the Pye-Barker Fire option will honor your legacy while respecting your employees. You caught our attention by running a great business! It is our goal to keep it that way, then add increased advancement and benefit opportunities for your team and peace of mind for you.

You will not be approached by a broker or third party on our behalf. Our Acquisitions Team is made up of industry veterans, some who started out as technicians themselves and others who joined Pye-Barker through acquisitions as well. It includes rotating PBFS team members who are happy to welcome your employees into the Pye-Barker family.

With almost 50 acquisitions in the the past four years and decades of industry experience ourselves, we clearly understand how to value a fire protection company. Our over 90% employee retention rate displays how hard we work to make your employees feel welcome. You and your team have nothing to lose by giving us a call.

To get started, fill out the confidential form on this page. We will not initiate any conversations about your business without a non-disclosure form signed by each party. Your responses go straight to our VP of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, who will personally reach out to you for next steps. Give us an opportunity to meet with you and we will demonstrate why we have become the “consolidator of choice” in the industry.

Interested In Selling?
Fill out the form or contact Chuck Reimel at 910-612-6252 for a confidential conversation.